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Suitsmysize will measure you and offer you a choice of fabrics, styles, cuts and customisations. We will provide you with a completely bespoke garment that fits YOU, suits YOU and says something about YOU. 





Suitsmysize is founded upon the art of tailoring. The traditional skills and techniques of measurement, clothing construction and finishing, all sewn together by caring attention to detail and quality craftsmanship to make perfectly fitting garments.

Suitsmysize uses long established and world renowned tailoring experience and expertise. It is as strong today as it has ever been because it is fundamentally founded upon the single most important principle: putting the customer first.

Suitsmysize provides great value for money. So, if you think Savile Row has the monopoly on great tailoring, think again. From Whitechapel to Whitehall, Mayfair luxury really can be yours at an Oxford Street price tag. Bespoke clothing is not the exclusive domain of the well-heeled – simply the well-dressed.


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Suit styles and cuts are influenced by body proportion and posture. Jacket length, sleeve length, button numbers and type, lapel style, pocket construction and trouser cut ALL have a visual impact on your look and should be sympathetic to both your body shape and the image that you want to project.

If you want to personalise your suit then Suitsmysize can offer a number of ways to do that, whether it be by different coloured stitching, personalised labels, special lining or embroidered monograms; It is all POSSIBLE!




Shirts are the best means of expanding one’s wardrobe, since they offer more variety and cost less than suits, shoes and most other items in men’s’ dress. Shirt choice is the most cost-effective way to achieve the versatility you want to adapt your look to suit different occasions.

Suitsmysize offer you an extensive range of styles; different collar styles, cuff styles and pockets all affect the attitude that you will project. Naturally, we also offer you a wide range of colours and patterns. White and blue, classic and timeless as they are, do not have to be the only options.




Suitsmysize select only the finest quality fabrics for their Suits & Shirts.

For your suit you can choose from British and Italian fabrics, 100% wool, luxury S100 to decadent S150 fineness & classic solid, city stripe and country check patterns.

For your shirt; all 100% cotton, easy iron fabric, slim fit, extensive colour ranges

Suitsmysize consistently update suit and shirt fabrics to reflect changing trends





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