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Everyone has an identity; each of us has a unique personality, unique tastes and interests and a unique circle of friends – an individual lifestyle.


Many of us have things in common, but we are never exactly the same. We want different things and we express ourselves in different ways; sometimes understated; sometimes bold and confident.


We want to wear clothes that project our personality and reflect our mood, but which look ‘right’ on us, and, naturally, we are all different shapes and sizes.

Charlie Zhai presents to you The Purple Tailor Studio; allowing you the best designed formal wear offering a wealth of colour and style choices to perfectly suit your needs.


The Purple Tailor Studio allows you to make bold and beautiful statements with your formal clothing. Whether you are looking to go with classic tones and a traditional look or take the office by storm with a colourful twist, The Purple Tailor is able to cater for your needs.


20 years experience of design and personal tailoring allows The Purple Tailor Studio and chief designer Charlie Zhai, to offer you innovative designs, quality fabrics and up-to-date styles. By combining the old with the new, The Purple Studio Tailor, ensures that you will look perfect for just a day in the office or for a night of celebration.






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