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Charlie 1

Charlie Zhai aka ‘The Boss’

Charlie is the founder and owner of Suits My Size. He is never without a smile on his face, and his brain never stops working – introducing new products and collections to the ever growing Suits My Size reputation. Charlie has vision, and this vision is to be the biggest tailor not just in the UK, but the world – and do you know what? It will happen

Anne 1

Anne aka ‘The Organisor’

Anne is the newest member of the Suits My Size team, joining in April 2013. This however, has not stopped her doing what she does best in terms of greeting the every customer with her natural cheeriness and broad smile. Anne is also the bookkeeper, always keeping on top of invoicing, payments and most importantly, payroll! An extremely valued member of the team, Anne also helps with style tips and the weekly blogs that we produce.

Graham 3

Graham Logan aka ‘The Interrogator’

Graham joined the Suits My Size team just over 6 months ago as Sales & Marketing Manager. His tenacity and forward thinking attitude are what made Charlie bring Graham into the team. Graham claims that he can sell anything; brave words, but he is already proving his worth to the team. A failed footballer, Graham now spends hours a day calling people to ‘make the right choice’, and updating all social media aspect for the company – watch out for some witty updates!

Vale 1

Valerie aka ‘The Seamstress’

Valerie joined the team at the back end of 2012. A woman of little words, she loves nothing more than producing top quality clothing and offering advice on the many alterations that she undertakes. Valerie is an invaluable member of the team, without which, the foundations could crumble. Always happy to undertake whatever task is given to her, without a second though, Valerie is integral to the day to day running of the business.

Jakub 1

Jakub Budnicki aka ‘ The Specialist’

Jakub has worked with Suits My Size for 3 years as a web developer and technical support. Rather worryingly, Jakub claims that if anything goes wrong, it’s his fault. However, looking at the fantastic website he built, this is just not true. Jakub can turn his hand to anything on a computer, and is integral to the smooth running of all marketing campaigns, social media activity and general website updates.



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