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Thank you once again for running through my blog. This week, I am discussing the rules surrounding wearing suits. This is a bit of fun in the most part, but there are hopefully some great tips that you can pick up too. Let the Suits My Size team know what yoou think by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :

  • "Blue" need not mean dark navy. Brighter and bolder blue suits can work wonders, provided you go neither too bright nor too bold.
  • It is impossible to look pulled together when your jacket isn't buttoned. (Three-button jackets: middle button only; two-button jackets: top button only; one-button jacket: that one button.)
  • The darker the cloth and the more restrained the pattern of the suit, the more whimsy you are permitted in your choice of shirt and accessories.
  • The collar of your jacket should never stand away from or conceal your shirt collar. A half inch of shirt collar should be visible at the back.
  • There is a variety of suit that squeezes a man's torso and legs and tightens his profile. It is called a wet suit, and unless you intend on catching some tasty waves, we recommend a suit with some ease in the legs, arms, and chest.
  • The wider the lapels on a man's jacket, the better he is at ordering dinner in Italian restaurants.
  • Never underestimate the value of that half inch of shirt cuff jutting out under your jacket.
  • Leave the wearing of look-at-me cuff links to Russian oligarchs and rappers. Let subtlety be your distinction.
  • The difference between a white cotton pocket square tucked neatly in the breast pocket and a blue silk pocket square stuffed insouciantly in the breast pocket is the difference between The Beatles and The Stones. One's not intrinsically better than the other — it's simply a matter of taste.
  • Though the tides of fashion lift it ever upward, the bottom hem of your jacket should still be just about level with your knuckles. (Or, failing that, just long enough to cover your ass.)
  • The old and traditional, and the young and trendy, are the best equipped to enjoy the unpredictable pleasures of pleats. The rest of us should stick to flat fronts.
  • Pinstripe: all business. Chalk stripe: all balls.
  • The wearing of dress boots with suits is as old and august a sartorial tradition as men have, and provided the boots have a slim sol and an elegant shape, there are few instances which one cannot — nay, should not — be both suited and booted.
  • That "suited and booted" is not the name of the style blog of a well-dressed teenager in Kansas is a wonder in this or any age.
  • A natural shoulder on a jacket shows off rather than hides the shape of your actual shoulder. Hence the name and the appeal.
  • The rougher the texture, the more casual the suit.
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Suits My Size Team 
  • A silk-and-wool-blend suit is the new standard of relaxed tailoring. Discuss.

Mod suits - distinctive and elegant

Hello again!

Mod Clothing.. a lot of people find us by using the search term “mod clothing”, what does mod clothing mean to you? For us it's all about the suits - nothing shouts mod more than a classic tonic suit 

Here we talk about our new range of mod suits, coming in 5 distnctive colours for that perfect mod look. The classic mod suit style, for a distinctive razor-sharp 1960’s mod look.

The mod suit is a three covered button jacket, with 2 pockets and an additional ticketed pocket. All suits are made from tonic fabric with a 2 tone shiny finish. What looks great is the chest high top button and narrow lapels creating such a tight V-neck. The jacket fits neatly and ends two inches below the hips, with a sharp vent or vents at the back.


Perfect for occasion wear, this suit shouts out from an era by-gone whilst still being bang on trend with the latest mod revival. Regardless of body shape and size, a mod suit should be fitted.A baggy or oversized mod suit does not look good at all. The shoulders should sit squarely with no overhang, and the jacket should be tailored slim and close to the body (although the buttons should do up without creasing).

The mod look is ‘sharp’ and attention to detail is everything. We can allow you to be as detailed as you want with by chosing our bespoke option want. We would suggest bringing in or sending photographs of suits that you like so we can work with you to create the perfect mod suit for you.

Please keep your eyes peeled for further updates on this range and much more!


Colour in your suit

H25113sbNow that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to lose the heavy coats and show off your suit with style.

Every man needs to have at least one suit in his wardrobe. Because we dress casual 99% of the time, we tend to care less about formal outfits.

And when we DO need one, we hurry up to the nearest store (probably an expensive one) and buy one for a huge price.

Needless to say, that suit might not even fit us. Since we’re in a hurry, we just get the first one we try and… end up paying a small fortune on it too!

Price is important, fabric is important, but there’s one more aspect you should consider… and we’re going to talk a little bit about that today: colour.


H27134sbIf you don’t want to have too many suits and would like a colour that works well on occasions, I will give you a few colour ideas for your first suit.

It’s important to remember that the colour needs to work well with your skin complexity

But, as a general rule, you want the suit to match your skin to and the shirt to contrast with it. If you have darker complexion, go for darker suit colours. If you have a lighter complexion, go for the lighter ones.


OK, let’s see some basic suit colours that you may want to try.

Gray. If this is your first suit, this would be option number one. It’s considered a staple in men’s style and it will definitely not go out of fashion. Check out our grey suits in our suit page.

Navy. Navy is the best choice for businessmen who don’t want to stand out too much. It’s overused but will never go out of style. If you wear this at a formal event during the evening, it will look AWESOME at sunset. Highly recommended.

Charcoal gray. This is a great colour, more formal than regular gray, perfect for more formal events. Don’t worry if it’s too dark, this is actually an opportunity to make some contrast with a crisp white shirt (or some other light colour).

Dark brown. I own one and I’m very happy with it. If you’re afraid you’ll go unnoticed in the sea of black and grey suits, here’s a very subtle way to stand out.

Black. I left this last because, at some occasions, such as weddings, it’s not the best choice. Still, black always looks good, it shows class and it will never go out of style.


Thanks for reading, and more tips shall be coming soon.

Warmest Regards, Charlie Zhai


Colour advice

Colourful suits - what do you think?

The colour you eventually choose depends on how many suits you already have and of what colour. If this is your first, one of the five previous colours that I have talked about. Staple colours foe suits if you will!


If you want to get a second, third or fourth, you can go for colours that make you stand out more especially now that Spring has arrived.

See our selection of suits that would be perfect for the summer, colours ranging from pink, champagne, oatmeal or even a bolder red – hot on trend this season.

Just remember that the colour should complement your skin complexion. This is a golden nugget that almost always separates the guys who look good in a suit from the guys that don’t.

If you have a dark skin tone, go for charcoal gray, navy or brown. If your skin is lighter, go for lighter shades and add a darker shirt to the mix. Easy as pie.

One more thing: the way you choose your other clothing items is just as important as choosing a suit colour. I’m talking about the shirt, the tie, the pocket square etc.

I really hope you get these aspects down because formal events are crucial times to look stylish, and avoid making a fashion blunder. If you’re hesitant, please do it. You need the style basics down.

Thanks for reading, as always there shall be more style tips coming soon!

Warmest regards, Charlie Zhai


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