How To Order is a unique online shop for DESIGNED formal wear. We offer our customers a freedom of style and colour choice with a perfect fit. With any of our designs you can either choose: 'BUY IT' and ‘BESPOKE’ button.

'BUY IT' which will give you a standard size you can buy it directly online. 

'BESPOKE' where you can make an appointment for our Travelling Tailor to visit and measure, show the fabric choice and advise you fully.



Buy it... 


  • This choice is designed for those customers who would like standard size clothing.

  • You can choose from Slim Fit or Standard Fit.

  • Slim Fit gives a sleaker, slim-looking finish.

  • Standard Fit is for those who want a comfortable fit finish.

  • Each item is made to order and will take 3-4 weeks to get to you. If you are not sure about your size, please go to our Size Guide for more information.


  1. Click the ‘BUY IT’ on the Suit Design you like to purchase.

  2. Click ‘BUY IT’ again on the Styles Page for the right product you like to buy, (ignore the BESPOKE Button if you just want to buy standard size product only).

  3. Selecting the SIZE, FIT and LENGTH, these fit you, and then click BUY IT.

  4. Filling in the Quantity you want to buy, then Click Checkout for Payment if you want to finish the sale

  5. Or, Click Continue button goes back the shop for further shopping




  • Choose this if you want to order a garment that is made to your specific measurements and/or if you wish to make any changes to the existing design. The price is more expensive as it involves a visit from one of our travelling tailors who will measure and advise you.

  • Before you choose this option, please click our Travelling Tailor Map, to check whether there is a travelling tailor covering your area.

  • We will take payment of £49.99 in advance to cover the cost of the tailor's visit. This payment is not refundable.

  • All bespoke garments are delivered 4-6 weeks after our tailor's visit.



  1. Click the ‘BUY IT’ on the product you like to purchase

  2. Click ‘BESPOKE’ again on the Styles Page

  3. Please fill the Appointment Booking Form (check the Travelling Tailor Map before submit it)

  4. Making Payment for Appointment Booking and finish


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