Rose Pink Single Breast

Real men do wear pink!


Show your pride & masculinity and make a lasting impression with this off-pink suit. All of our suits are made using only the finest British and Italian high quality wools. These provide a smoother, silkier feel, whilst allowing the intricate weave to add depth to the colour. The quality crafted jacket comes as single breasted, for a modern cut, 2 buttons and medium width lapel. Add to this slightly slanted pockets and hand-picked stitching for a flattering tailored and luxurious look. Flat-fronted trousers, with slanted pockets give a classic but modern feel. If you wish, you can add a waist-coat to make the suit 3-piece. This comes with 5 buttons and 2 pockets.






Designer Comment
test1test I wanted a colourful suit, not black or grey. I looked around, the only place that would help me was Suitsmysize. I now have a red and mauve suit and people love them. And I am very happy with them too.test

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