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Things to look for in a summer suit:

Winter’s heavy wool suits feel about as welcome as monogamy on Mad Men as the temperature rises. Time to move them to the back of your wardrobe. Make room for a variety of a lighter weights that are also easy on your wallet. Thanks to trim cuts and well-made fabrics we can offer a wealth of choice for your summer suit.


Same deal as with cars and watches: It's what's inside your suit jacket that counts the most, and for summer you want to avoid any padding or lining that might prevent your body from breathing. For maximum comfort, go completely unlined



Look for lightweight wools or some blended variation thereof. Wool is usually weighed in ounces, and weaves in the seven-to-ten-ounce range (with seven being lighter and thinner) hit the summer sweet spot. You should also pay attention to the super number with a higher number indicating finer, lighter-weight cloth.

If your job entails going from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned office and back again, you can get away with wearing dark suits straight all year round. But if you're in and out of doors all day, opt for a lighter shade that reflects light and minimizes heat.


Beware newfangled technology in tailoring — except when said technology actually works. You cannot beat a bespoke made, classic suit.




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