Red Double Breast Suit

Stand out from the crowd and be noticed in this stylish scarlet red suit.


This scarlet red suit says that you are confident and in control. All of our suits are made using only the finest British and Italian high quality wools.  These provide a smoother, silkier feel, whilst allowing the intricate weave to add depth to the colour.  The quality crafted jacket comes as double breasted, for a modern cut, 2 buttons and medium width lapel.  Add to this slightly slanted pockets and hand-picked stitching for a flattering tailored and luxurious look. Flat-fronted trousers, with slanted pockets give a classic but modern feel. If you wish, you can add a waist-coat to make the suit 3-piece.  This comes with 5 buttons and 2 pockets.







Mr Sharp
test1test I wanted a colourful suit, not black or grey. I looked around, the only place that would help me was Suitsmysize. I now have a red and mauve suit and people love them. And I am very happy with them too.test

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